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Core Lease and Loan Accounting

Lease and Loan accounting made ... Complete™

LeaseComplete boasts a robust accounting engine capable of processing both equipment and vehicle lease portfolios.

Asset Management

Asset and inventory management made ... Complete™

Managing your assets can be one of the most time-consuming tasks you perform. It also happens to be one of the most critical! LeaseComplete simplifies the task of tracking inventory and leased assets.

Insurance Tracking

Insurance tracking, follow-up, and placement made ... Complete™

Maintaining accurate insurance records can make or break a leasing business. But who has the time to check every insurance policy every month? Why bother when LeaseComplete can take care of that chore for you? With the Complete™ insurance tracking component, you'll have time to run your business without the worry of lapsed or insufficient insurance coverage!

Collection Tracking

Collection tracking and delinquency follow-up made ... Complete™

The days of collecting from past due reports, using Outlook or Act! to track lessees, and recording notes on a spreadsheet are GONE FOREVER! LeaseComplete provides a full collection tracking component which integrates seamlessly (you'll be amazed!) with the core accounting system. So whether you are a seasoned collections professional or new to the game, you will benefit immediately from this superior collecting tool.

Notes Payable and Investor Management

Investor, payables, and leverage expense tracking made ... Complete™

Accounting for lease receivables is only a part of the job. One must also track carefully the payables - most notably those to investors, funding banks, or other participants - in order to accurately determine the profitability of your lease portfolio. LeaseComplete's Notes Payable module does just that!

Sales Pipeline Tracking

Sales pipeline and payment quote tracking made ... Complete™

Sales are the heart of any solid leasing business. The LeaseComplete Sales and Payment Quote module provides you just the right tools to both track and close new business quickly.

Termination and Payoff

Lease terminations and payoff accounting made ... Complete™

One of the most difficult jobs is "unwinding" a lease at termination, due in large part to the number of decisions that have to be made. Does the lease carry unpaid late fees? How many miscellaneous fees are remaining unpaid? Do we have placed insurance? What about preventive maintenance or other add-ons? Over-mileage fees? Termination, purchase, and disposition fees? The list goes on and on. LeaseComplete simplifies the process by bringing together all due amounts on a single screen and allowing the entry of a single payment to clear them all!

Interim Funding

Interim funding and lease/loan conversion made ... Complete™

Be there for your customers! With LeaseComplete's full Interim Funding support, you can provide just the financing your customers need and easily convert the funding into a lease or loan when your customer is ready.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and asset service tracking made ... Complete™

Adding value for your customers is the name of the game, and you can count on LeaseComplete to make it easy! Offering a maintenance product to your customers provides a service for both of you - they are able to service the leased asset with less hassle and you have a better maintained asset at the end of the lease term. And collecting the service fee is an added bonus!

Reporting Engine

Reporting flexibility and customization made ... Complete™

At the heart of a good accounting system is a good reporting engine, and LeaseComplete has one of the best!

Search Screens

Portfolio search and data retrieval made ... Complete™

What good is the data if you can't find what you need quickly? Many systems boast excellent search engines, but fall short due to restriction on searchable fields or limited combinations of search criteria. LeaseComplete makes searching Complete!™

Screen Painting

Screen design and workflow customization made ... Complete™

Why should you have to change your workflow to fit your software? With LeaseComplete, you don't! Easily tailor the system to the way you will use it - the way you do business today.


Document and photographic imaging made ... Complete™

LeaseComplete provides full support for document and photographic imaging as well as external attachments of all kinds. By attaching a lease agreement or asset photograph directly to the appropriate record in LeaseComplete, you can simplify record keeping and eliminate the need to pull paper files for reference.

Wizards and Guides

Escorted procedures and assisted processing made ... Complete™

Your software should be easy to use and not require you to consistently reference the help file to complete daily tasks. That's why LeaseComplete provides intelligent wizards to guide you through otherwise cumbersome tasks.


Seamless system integration made ... Complete™

Integration is a key component separating "software applications" from "enterprise business systems". But what does it mean to provide "system integration"? We think it means having consistent interfaces that don't break with every upgrade, functions that operate in background without user intervention, and the flexibility to not only allow change but to expect it. That is Complete™ integration!


Application and component security made ... Complete™

LeaseComplete packs a powerful feature-set behind a solid wall of security, which is both flexible and easy to manage.


Innovative technology and function made ... Complete™

LeaseComplete uses the latest technology to ensure a stable, reliable, and expandable leasing solution for your business.

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